“AISLAMPOL is a company created with the aim of bringing the necessary insulation and formwork for any work to the customers in our area.

The aim of AISLAMPOL is to be able to accompany its clients in all the phases of the project, from the drafting to the execution, from the formworks to the roofs, focusing on the insulation.

AISLAMPOL manufactures a wide range of products for its works, formwork for pillars, round, square, dividing walls, textured sheets and cornices.

We also offer the EPS elements you may need, vaults, coffers, expansion joints or materials for flat, sloping, inverted and passable roofs.

AISLAMPOL offers you a wide range of the latest generation of graphite EPS insulation, which provides a much higher insulating capacity than traditional one.

From the drafting of the project, we offer a team of technical specialists who will advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs. We will carry out a comparative study of the insulation of your project to offer you a better alternative”.